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Are you looking for a top-rated and reliable concrete leveling company? Then look no further than The Concrete FX, a leading cement leveling company serving South Jersey, and surrounding area residents.

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 Since every job is unique in terms of the amount of material needed and the size of the area being raised, giving an average cost is difficult.

A typical job only takes 1-3 hours to complete and the polyurethane foam is cured in only 15 minutes. Allowing for a quick return to service.


Do you have cracking, pitting, spalling, or sunken concrete in your yard? Concrete is extremely susceptible to erosion and damage due to lots of precipitation and icy cold weather. Luckily, we’ve got your back with permanent concrete lifting solutions, crafted with pride by experts at The Concrete FX.

30 years of experience

Leveling Concrete Repair Process

This process is the most advanced and effective way to raise and level concrete. It can be done quickly (usually a few hours) with minimal disruption to surrounding area and concrete can be used minutes after we leave.

Step 1: Drill

Once our crew arrives, small 5/8” dime size holes are strategically drilled into your sunken slab.​ Since the holes are so small, they are hardly noticed after completion and there is less chance of the slab cracking.

Step 2: Pump

The technician now carefully injects a two part liquid polymer into each hole. The liquid turns into expanding foam once mixed below the slab, quickly filling open voids, stabilizing weak soil and lifting the slab.

Step 3: Patch

Once all the concrete slabs have been fully leveled and stabilized, the technician fills each small hole with grout to ensure a long-lasting tight seal. Your concrete is now restored and the repair is hardly noticeable!
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Fast Proccess

A typical job only takes 1-3 hours to complet. The polyurethane foam is cured in only 15 minutes.

Environmentally Safe

Polyurethane foam is non-toxic and creates a barrier to moisture, chemicals, insects, rodents without releasing harmful chemicals into your soil.


The polyurethane material will not shrink, breakdown or wash-away like cement or mud-based materials can overtime.

Unoticable Injection Holes

Since Polyurethane begin as a liquid, much smaller holes are needed (penny-sized) compared to mudjacking (golf ball sized)

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You can count on The Concrete FX to provide the best concrete leveling services in NJ and the surrounding area. We have years of experience with a wide range of repairs that affect your home, including foundation stabilization, concrete crack repair, and polyjacking.

We’ve used Doug several times and he’s never disappointed. We highly recommend The concrete FX for all your concrete lifting needs.

Dave Smith via Facebook

I needed a couple sections of the sidewalk raised. The crew came and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them.

Jim G via Google

Great service from John and his crew. They raised and leveled several sections of an aggregate concrete walkway.

Joanne B. Allans via Facebook

Professional all around! Timely and fair estimate, great work with knowledgeable help to maintain the work.. Highly recommend!

John G via Google
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Polyjacking offers many benefits compared to other forms of concrete lifting or repair, including mudjacking or replacing the slab. If you need concrete leveling in New Jersey, call us. We inspect and level your concrete slabs, decks, driveways, and sidewalks. We offer our services all over New Jersey and surrounding areas.


Most frequent Questions

Raising concrete is an extremely affordable option when compared to replacement. Since every job is unique in terms of the amount of material needed and the size of the area being raised, giving an average cost is difficult.  In general, raising concrete with polyurethane is typically 50%-80% less than replacement.  The size of the area and the amount it has sunk are the biggest factors that determine the price.  

Our polyurethane since it’s a synthetic material, will not change shape or breakdown like other materials such as sand or cement. However, the ground can and will move overtime depending on soil conditions. Also, water intrusion from poor drainage can erode the soil, which can cause re-settling.   Lastly, a long dry spell over the summer can cause the ground the shrink, which can impact your concrete. So typically if there is any re-settling it’s most likely due to soil conditions, poor drainage or extreme weather all of which would also affect new concrete. 

The key to preventing concrete from sinking is by filling voids and keeping water away. Open voids below your concrete should be stabilized with polyurethane foam. All open gaps such as cracks and expansion joints should be caulked to stop water from getting below the slab and eroding the base. Also, all water should be directed away from your concrete such as downspout. The sides of your concrete should also be properly graded so that the base cant wash away. 

A concrete lifting, repair and coatings company that proudly serves New Jersey and surrounding areas. Let Concrete FX restore, protect and save your concrete today!

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